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17 Money Making Candle Formations — a Forex book that describes 17 most recognized Japanese candlesticks patterns in Forex charts. Japanese candlesticks are one of the oldest and fundamental ways of representing the trading data on all sort of charting software. Japanese candlesticks are made two parts — body and shadow. Body is the difference between the open and close prices. The rising candle’s body and the falling candle’s body are of the different colors. The candlestick can have two shadows — one is the difference between open and high values for the period (open and low for the rising candle) and the other one is the difference between close and low values for the period (close and high for the rising candle). Various combinations of candles’ body and shadow sizes can be considered as the strong indicators of the current market situation and are widely used by professional Forex traders. This Forex book will show you some of the most interesting candlestick formations and will teach you how to use them on Forex market.
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The Harmonic Trader by Scott M. Carney — a trading book that teaches the strategies of the harmony trading, which can be applied in any type of the financial trading, including, of course, on-line Forex market. Harmonic trading is a specific way of trading, which recognizes special patterns and cycles inside the rates’ fluctuations. The repeating nature of such cycles and patterns in trading represents the same laws and rules that reign in our daily life. This Forex book offers the methodology of detecting such patterns. Knowing them can greatly increase the success probability of your trades. Of course, it won’t offer 100% failure-proof strategy that is making millions in an hour without risk, but this book offers the alternative Forex methods that are different from the traditional technical analysis and rely heavily on Fibonacci numbers and price patterns.
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Beyond Technical Analysis is in its own way a unique Forex book. It doesn’t offer its readers some specific trading strategies or methods of technical analysis, or anything else of this type that can be found in many other books related to the financial trading. Beyond Technical Analysis shows traders how to create their own strategies based on the methods of technical analysis that work in Forex, futures and equities markets. This Forex book starts off with creating a trading system and ends with a picking a right system for the particular market and conditions. This book is recommended for the advanced traders as it will require some basic knowledge of the trading and familiarity with the trading software, for which the system is going to be developed. It includes the following chapters: developing and implementing trading systems, principles of trading system design, foundations of system design, developing new trading systems, developing trading system variations, equity curve analysis, ideas for money management, data scrambling and a system for trading.
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Buying and Selling Volatility — a trading book that describes some really interesting type of trading — a volatility trading. It might be not very useful for Forex traders, because it involves the derivative trading (and it’s not very popular with Forex, spot trading is much more popular), but it will be interesting and useful to other traders and investors who don’t limit themselves to Forex only. Traditional financial trading consists of buying and selling certain instruments and closing the position when the price of the instruments reaches a desired profit level. All that such trader needs is the entry price and the exit price. The difference (positive or negative) is the trader’s profit or loss. Volatility trading offered by Connolly Kevin is different. Volatility trader buys or sells volatility through a complex system of hedged options and other derivative. The benefit of such method is that one can earn successfully on volatile markets without even paying attention to the entry and exit prices of the given instrument.
Books | Views: 1797 | Downloads: 507 | Added by: admin | Date: 03.05.2009 | Comments (0)

Day Trading the Currency Market describes the Forex trading in general, touching almost every aspect of it, but not deepening too far in any of these aspects. Kathy Lien is the experienced trader, Forex consultant and writer and she does her best at introducing the basic principles of trading, analysis and money management to the beginner traders. This book can be useful to some experienced traders that would want to organize their practical knowledge and maybe learn something that they could have missed earlier. Day Trading the Currency Market also offers some useful explanations regarding the various connections between currency market and other financial markets, their influence on each other. The details about each currency and currency pair are also presented to the reader, allowing him to produce a better fundamental analysis decisions in his trading.
Books | Views: 1899 | Downloads: 515 | Added by: admin | Date: 03.05.2009 | Comments (0)

The New Science of Technical Analysis can be considered a bible for every financial trader that is using technical analysis. And Tom DeMark can be considered one of the leading experts in this field. So, it’s needless to say that this book is a must-read for everyone, who wants to get some real knowledge and skills in the field of technical analysis. Every possible aspect of technical analysis is described and explained in this trading book. The only thing that this book lack is the coverage of the rather new methods of technical analysis, such as Fibonacci numbers, chaos theory and other methods that were developed after The New Science has been already written. Nevertheless it’s a real masterpiece of the classical technical analysis literature that can be recommended both to the new and experienced traders — Forex, stocks or anything else related to the financial trading.
Books | Views: 8676 | Downloads: 2701 | Added by: admin | Date: 03.05.2009 | Comments (4)

The Disciplined Trader is trading psychology book that describes the methods of becoming the disciplined financial trader and stop losing money just because our emotions take control over the mind. It also describes what the discipline in trading is and why is it very important in every financial market, including Forex, stocks, options and others. Mark Douglas is a CEO of a trading software development company and he has a very rich experience in trading. According to him, more than 80% of trader’s success is concentrated in psychology and his treatment of the emotions. This book can serve as a step-by-step guide to adapting successfully to the unusual psychological characteristics of the Forex trading. You will learn to understand the psychology of trading and the importance of personal psychological transformation.
Books | Views: 2445 | Downloads: 671 | Added by: admin | Date: 01.05.2009 | Comments (0)

Come Into My Trading Room — a Complete Guide to Trading is a book written by an experienced trader and also a teacher, who knows how to explain the essentials of a financial trading in a way that would be interesting to almost anyone, disregarding the professional level of the reader. Come Into My Trading Room is organized so that every part of it is almost independent of the other parts and can be read separately. From this trading book it is possible to learn basic concepts and methods of the financial trading. Unfortunately, Alexander Elder doesn’t give any strategies and advanced methods of analysis or money management. Nevertheless this book can be a strong base for anyone, who wants to learn Forex trading or needs some real knowledge in this area.
Books | Views: 1910 | Downloads: 596 | Added by: admin | Date: 01.05.2009 | Comments (0)

Trading for a Living is a first financial trading book of the prominent trading writer and teacher Alexander Elder. It shows the most common mistakes that traders fail to recognize and correct in their styles and that prevent them from become financially independent. Trading for a Living shows all the benefits of being a trader — the freedom, the excitement, the quality of life. Becoming a financial trader isn’t something hard to do, it’s just hard to hold down your emotions and begin to think of trading as a serious long-term activity. According to Alexander Elder the majority of the beginning traders fail to control their emotions, they go for the short-term success losing in the long-term period; that makes them lose money, time and a faith in a better financial future. No previous trading experience or knowledge is required to read and understand this book.
Books | Views: 1960 | Downloads: 508 | Added by: admin | Date: 01.05.2009 | Comments (0)

Elite Trader’s Secrets — a trading Forex book written by Rich Swannell, the recognized expert in the Elliot Waves techniques. The whole book is dedicated to the statistical analysis, verification, refining and improvement of the Elliot Wave principles. This situation results in a very powerful to tool, which allows traders to better utilize these methods in their trading. Until recent times Elliot Waves were considered to subjective to be used by the average trader. Different Elliot experts had different opinions about the same analyzed chart. The situation was so that the accurate forecast couldn’t be made at all using only Elliot Waves. Rich Swannell created a specialized network of computers; he fed it with the charts database and the every possible Elliot Wave pattern. The result was the statistical explanations of the Elliot Waves. The conclusions from this result are presented in his Forex book.
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